Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Home Remedies for Migraine

Migraines always do not require a prescribed or doctor’s suggested medicine. Home remedies are very helpful to lessen in fact to cure migraine problem. Home remedies are not any chemical medicines but are very common stuffs those we use in our day to day lives. These home remedies are very inexpensive and easy to get.

Here some common home remedies of migraine are discussed:

Aromatherapy is considered as one of the best migraine remedies. Peppermint, Sandalwood, Lavender and Eucalyptus. All these herbs contain essential oils which are best for treating migraines. Put them in water and then take a cloth, dip it into the solution and then place it over head.

• Some suggest acupressure is the best as remedy for migraine. Learn some acupressure techniques from experts and try them.

• Top ranked natural remedy for migraine is Massage. Massage your head in a particular way (an Ayurvedic Massage) with certain Ayurvedic massage oils. This will not only give you relief from the migraine but will also nourish all of your senses.

Juice of ripe grapes is another good home remedy for migraine.

• Latest research says that Niacin improves the condition in migraine. You can either go for the pills of Vitamin or can intake the diet rich in Vitamin Niacin. The diet includes green leafy vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds, whole wheat, yeast, tomatoes etc. The recommended dose is about 100 gm daily.

• You can prepare a juice that is effective in migraine relief. For this, take spinach juice along with beet and cucumber juice. Mix equal quantity of each vegetable’s juice together and take it as whole. This is one of the good home remedies for migraine.

• The old therapy for treating migraine include cabbage leaf compress. For this, take few leaves of the vegetable and crush them. Place in a cloth and tie it over the forehead over the night. You can also do this during the day, if the circumstances permit.

• Ayurvedic remedy called ‘Nasyam’ is one of the most powerful remedy for migraine.

Primrose oil is considered to be one of the best homemade for treating migraine. It is also potent anti-inflammatory agent that keeps the blood vessels from constricting. This is one of the best home remedies for migraine

• Try to include the diet containing multivitamins and minerals. You can go for their pills too.

Garlic is a potent de-toxifier and also best for treating migraine. You can go for taking raw garlic and can also go for cooked garlic in various forms.

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids helps reducing the attack of migraine. This is also good for cardiovascular headache and numbness in the body.

• Drink chamomile tea everyday as it is one of the simple home remedies for migraine.

Lukewarm water enema cleans up the bowels and hence removes the toxins. This is also found to be useful in treating the migraine.

• Four to Five leaves of fresh fever few or in dried form has been known to reduce symptoms of migraine. This is one of the well like home remedies for migraine.

The lemon crusts have also been found useful in the treatment of migraine. These crusts should be made into a fine paste in a mortar. Apply this paste on the forehead. It will provide relief and this is also one of the easiest home remedies for migraine.

Try to avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight irritates the eyes and so worsens the case.

Smoking and drinking alcohol should be strictly avoided. Both of the addictions are trigger factors for migraine.

• Make a paste of freshly ground sandalwood and apply to the forehead, let it dry and rub off it by hand and wash it. This is one of the good home remedies for migraine.

Meditation plays an important role in treating any kind of ‘head’ disorders like anxiety, tension, depression, headache and so the migraine. Regular and proper meditation will not only cure the migraine, but will also reduce the chances of recurring.

(i.e) The blog is written from personal experiences of different migraine sufferers,not by professional Doctors.



Maya said...

I have migraine and Aiyurvedic massage helps me the most.

I visited the blog to find out some quick remedies.Thanks for the suggestions.

Nick said...

thanks for posting this - some stuff I didn't know about said...

Maya and Nick, Both of you are most welcome.

Anonymous said...

THanks Shondha for sharing this wonderful information. I was never aware of such remedies until i read your blog. I will make sure to use some of them as i get this attacks 2-3 times a week. HOwever, i read somewhere that cabbage triggers migrane and hence it is to be avoided if a person is suffering from migrane. If that is the case then how can crushed cabbage thearapy can help one from migrane... Thank you again for sharing this very helpful infromation. I am sure your research will help many ppl from this deadly disease said...
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Home remedies are sometimes quite effective rather than medicines.specially Ayurvedic remedies help a lot in many cases. But many of us do not know about the home remedies of some common diseases. This kind of posts will help people to know more about easy home remedies of common problems.

Dr Nicholas E. said...

If you're diagnosed with severe migraine, one thing that might have caused it is due to lack of sleep. Our body releases a chemical called Seratonin which rely on the amount of sleep. Insufficient Seratonin is the main cause why migraine attacks. said...

Thanks for your comment Dr. Nicholas E. Your comment would be helpful to many of the readers.